Prayer Of Consecration To The Immaculate Heart Of Mary of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary (According to a dictation by Our Lady to Jelena Vasilj, at Medjugorje)O Immaculate Heart of Mary,ardent with goodness,show us your love.May the flame of your Heart, O Mary,descend upon all mankind.We love you so.Impress in our hearts true lovethat we might yearn for you continuously.Oh Mary, sweet and humble of heart,remember us when we sin.You know that all men are sinners.Grant us, that through your Immaculate Heart,we may be given spiritual health.May we always see the goodnessof your motherly heart;and may we be convertedby the flame of your Heart.AmenPrayer of Consecration to the Heart of Jesus(According to a dictation by Our Lady to Jelena Vasilj, at Medjugorje)O Jesus, we know that You are mercifuland that You have given Your Heart for us.It is crowned with thorns and with our sins.We know that You implore us constantlyso we do not go astray.Jesus, remember us when we sin.Through Your Heart make us love one another.Make hatred disappear from among men.Show us Your Love. We all love You,and want You to protect us with Your Good Shepherd’s Heart, and that You deliver us from every sin. Enter into each heart Lord Jesus! Knock, knock at the door of our hearts; be patient and never desist. We are still closed up within ourselves because we haven’t understood Your Love.Knock continuously! O Good Jesus, make us open our hearts up to You at least in the moment when we remember Your Passion suffered for us.Amen