We guarantee that the products are free from defects.
In all cases we will replace broken or defective products.
Should you find a defect in the products, you must notify us as soon as possible, and in any case within ten days, by sending us a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.
Within the same period you may also send a telegram, fax, or e-mail as long as you send confirmation by registered letter.
within the next 48 hours.
We will replace broken or defective products.
Well returned by defect / broken: the shipment of the replacement item is charged to C.I.M.
The collection of the defective / broken item is made by the shipper (Sda and Poste Italiane for Italy, Cianciaruso Cargo, Ups, Fedex, Albini & Pitigliani for foreign countries) at the time of delivery of the replacement.
After 10 days the general warranty conditions listed below apply.
For any need of assistance you can contact the customer service:   Guarantees are so catalogued: a) Fibreglass Statues: 5 years warranty on fibreglass material used, 2 years on decoration.
The fiberglass statues are made with several layers of fiber and resins mixed in order to achieve a thickness resistant to weathering and minor impacts; the decorations are made with acrylic colors resistant to the outside.
The guarantee does not apply if they are placed near the sea or near heat sources, or if they are cleaned with acidic or non-acidic solvents, or if they are hit by strong hail or acid rain, or if they are damaged as a result of defrosting from the basement due to strong wind or in the event of a natural disaster.
A preventive assessment will be carried out on the subject in order to be able to establish the extent of the damage and its cause.
Resin statues are subject to the same conditions as fibreglass statues; the warranty does not apply, if they are hit by accidental impacts of modest magnitude from which small damage may occur, they are not repairable; or placed near high heat sources or in the summer sun.
b) Wooden Statues: 5 years warranty extendable to 10 years.
The wooden statues are carved entirely by hand using precious woods such as lime and maple; they are decorated with oil paints.
They are not suitable for outdoor use (c) Votives: Electric votives with candles or candles are guaranteed 2 years from defects in operation.
d) Liturgical objects: Our liturgical objects are guaranteed 24 months after purchase.
They are made of bronze, brass, wood, plexiglass or glass, fabric etc.
and decorated in gold and silver.
The above guarantee is not applicable in case of use of solvents for cleaning.
e) Restorations: Our restorations on polychrome wooden artefacts, or on canvases and paintings on wood are guaranteed 10 years from execution; 5 years on papier-mâché subjects; 1 year on other articles not catalogued.
Attention: for the cleaning of all our products we recommend the use of dusters and/or a simple cloth dampened with running water.
It is understood that the warranty covers all possible defects and anomalies of the products occurred during the years of its coverage and does not cover labour and transport costs, which remain at the total expense of the buyer.
All the above mentioned warranties are and remain general conditions for the protection of consumers, therefore they can be improved or waived in order to ensure an excellent sales and assistance service.
For any need of assistance you can contact the customer service: Conditions of Sale  Pursuant to Legislative Decree 22/05/1999 n.185 Protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts For your own protection, please print and keep this page.
  Purchases through this site are made from: CITTACATTOLICA.COM C.I.M.
Italy Imp.
30027 - San Donà Di Piave (VE) - Italy VAT No EN 03637460654, registered in the Companies' Register of Venice under no.
REA 400634 To contact us you can write us by e-mail: or send a fax to + 39 0413001173 or call 3401112176.  Every purchase on the site is governed by the following general terms and conditions which replace all previous regulations.
We reserve the right to change the following conditions.
Any new rules will be effective from the moment they are published on this site.
We therefore invite you to read carefully conditions every time you buy something on the site.
Prices and Taxes The prices shown in the product sheets are exclusive of VAT, unless specifically notified and, in any case, valid only for Italy.
VAT, if not present, is calculated and charged only for EU countries (members of the European Union).
Where due, and only for Extra EU countries, all costs for import taxes applied the goods from the destination countries are to be paid for by the customer separately from the latter.
They shall be brought forward to customs by the courier and charged back to the consignee by the courier at time of delivery of the purchased product.
  Payment terms and conditions Anticipated with Bonifico Prepay with Postal Money Order, Post Current Account; Poste-Pay  Cash on delivery to the Postman or Express Courier (valid only for Italy and for orders of less than 200.00 Euro.
Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express   Acceptance of orders To place an order you must be of legal age The orders you send us will only be binding for us if you receive from us confirmation by e-mail: or by fax: 0818638228.
Print the e-mail and keep it.
If you do not receive the confirmation email, or any fax from us, please contact us.
None of the information contained in the site can be considered as an offer but must be considered as an invitation to offer.
  Terms of delivery The terms of working days that you find indicated in the product sheets refer to the average period of time normally required for availability of the same.
If an order contains several products with different delivery times, the major of these is taken into account.
Any delays due to production will be communicated to you.
We can not be held responsible for any damage resulting from a possible delay during transit.
    Right of withdrawal Pursuant to Legislative Decree no.
185 of 22/05/1999, you have the right to withdraw from the contract without penalty and without giving any explanation for a period of ten working days from the day you receive the products.
All you have to do is inform us of your intention to withdraw from the contract (indicating how you would like your money back) by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.
Within the same period you can also send a telegram or fax, provided you send confirmation by registered letter within the next forty-eight hours.
Within the same period of ten working days you must return the products intact and in their original packaging, with the respective delivery notes.
The shipment of the products to the sender is at your expense and under your responsibility.
As soon as we have received the products we will refund the amounts paid minus the original shipping costs.
If the product is delivered to us damaged, we have two solutions: If the product is repairable, we will refund the amount paid minus the repair costs; If the product is not repairable, we will not return anything.
In any case, the amount paid will be returned minus the original shipping costs.
The right to withdraw from the contract does not apply if you have purchased custom-made or customised products.
  Applicable law All contracts concluded with C.I.M.
Italia Imp.
di Aiello Luigi are deemed to have been concluded in Italy and are subject to Italian law.
Trademarks and Copyright   All trademarks not related to Cittacattolica belong to their respective owners.
All images are the property of C.I.M.
Italia Imp.
or granted to it.
Copying, downloading or reproducing the images on this site involves a violation of Copyright ...
Frequently Asked Questions: How do I pay for my purchases on CittacattolicaDuring the order process you can determine the type of payment that is most convenient for you depending on the place of delivery. How can I check the goods when they are delivered to me? If you have purchased by choosing home delivery, when the courier checks that: The number of packages delivered corresponds to the number indicated in the accompanying document.
The identity and quality of the products, possibly indicated on the packaging, corresponds to that indicated on the invoice.
The packaging is intact, not damaged or wet or otherwise altered.
The invoice, contained in the envelope attached to the outside of one of the packages, must be removed and stored.
Any mismatch in the number of packages or indications, as well as any loss or damage, must be immediately reported to the carrier.
If, on the other hand, you pick up the material at one of our CIM Headquarters", you can check the accuracy and integrity of the products together with the person responsible before payment.
Is it possible to reissue a purchase invoice C.I.M.
Italia Imp.
before giving the last order confirmation, it is necessary to specify the company name to which the purchase invoice will be headed.
Once the desired company name has been specified and the choice confirmed, the invoice will be uniquely headed to that company name.
Once the order has been confirmed, the company name for the invoice header cannot be changed in any way.C.I.M.
recommends that you check and make sure the exact company name for the purchase invoice in order to correctly process the order