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11 million VISITORS in 12 years Every Month beyond 50.000 accesses to the site with more than 120.000 pages than information and prayers visited, are a great goal for who as we it works to the service of God with Umilt, Faith and Abnegation for giving to aid to the Church affinch all the Christians in the World can better come near to the Mystery of the Revived Christ.
THANKS TO ALL YOU THAT UNTIL NOW YOU HAVE VISITED TO US All the produced ones you anticipate on this portal are guaranteed by Marchio Cittacattolica by C.I.M.
(Italy Imp.
VAT number: 03637460654) synonymous of high qualit and assistance to the service of the Christians in the world.
CITTACATTOLICA DOES NOT HAVE BORDERS and sends everywhere of the enclosed globe, Polo Nord and Polo Sud.
The Goods travel Assured against eventual damages from transport, thefts or destructions deriving from calamit natural during the transport; moreover, from the logistics, particular cure is given to the packings is for the National destinations that for that Internazionali.Ogni risk of nothing transport with shipments of Cittacattolica.com.Tutti the produced CITTACATTOLICA.COM are covered by the guarantee “Satisfied or Reimbursed”.
For more details to consult the Page of Garanzie.Per every type of demand sent an email to the address: info@cittacattolica.com or telephones to +39 3401112176 (the Free one for Contracts “not limit” and Italy without limits of the several operators; Wind, Telecom and TeleTU, Fastweb; The Timetables of Telephone Service are the following ones: from luned to the venerd from the 08,30 - 13,00 and 16,15 - 20,00Il saturdays from hours 8,30 to the 13,00.
The purchases online can be carried out 24 H on 24 with electronic cart or through e-mailI n this Great Virtual Store you will be able to find the best of the Catholic production Cristiana Italiana and Internazionale. Materialized Your projects Unidea, a design, a schizzetto, or a PROJECT very defined, we realize it.
We can create any object or furnishings, in wood, marble, metal, bronze, brass, silver, gold, or simply in resin, glass-reinforced plastic, chalk, as well as in plexiglass, pvc, Zama etc.
Moreover we restore ilvecchio, is it a sculpture or an object of furnishings.
To the Parroci, to the Committees, the Congregations, the laici faithfuls we say: An idea, a design or a project pu to return the life in Parish, the Communities or the Centers of Accoglienza.Il more functional our Casts composed from Engineers, Architects, Planners, Designers, Computer science, Sculptural, Cesellatori, Restorers, Carpenters, Banker masons, Carpenters, Electricians, Hydraulic engineers and Masons, with which we realize every thing.
Almost nothing there is impossible to make. We arrange, moreover, of computerized numerical control machines to high technology, with which to realize the disparate objects and devout furnishings. IF YOU HAVE an IDEA, CONTATTATECI WITHOUT ENGAGEMENT AND WE YOU WILL HELP To MATERIALIZZARLA.Auguriamo to all the good Navigation, the director Dr.
Luigi Aiello info@cittacattolica.com