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    » The Prayer Group Birthplace For Trinitarian Life
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    » Act Of Consecration To The Immaculate Heart Of Mary
    » Love Me As You Are: Jesus Speaks To A Soul




    All the� products on this webportal are guaranteed from the Mark Cittacattolica by C.I.M. synonymous of high quality and assistance for the Catholics Christian people service in the world.

    Part payments through Paypal

    �Cittacattolica doesn't have confinements and sends in every part of the world,� North Pole and South Pole included; The Commodity travels Insured against possible transport damages, thefts, or destructions following natural calamity during the transport; besides, from the logistics, particular care is given to the packings both for the National destinations that those international ones... Every risk of transport is void with the consignments of Cittacattolica.com

    Besides All the products CITTACATTOLICA.COM is covered by the guarantee "Satisfied or Refunded"; for greater details please consult the Page of the Guarantees
    In this Virtual�Big Store�you can find the best of the Italian and International Christian Catholic production.�

    For the search, all it takes is making reference to the titles links of this page.�

    Unfortunately the available products are thousand, and not all are represented in this site; In the case in which you didn't find the proper product for Your demands, all it takes is sending us an e-mail to cittacattolica@gmail.com with Your applications, and we will try to satisfy you to the best.��

    Wealsospecializeininnovations,we are the firstin thereligious sectorin shapingprojects, we invent�from a a simpleidea; WeINNOVATEObsoleteProjects;�We GIVELIFETO THEDRAWINGS, WE�MAKE NEWALL�THE THINGS.�At THEPriests,�The Committees,�The Covens, at�the�easyChristian People, We say:Ifyou have an idea,a�Scketch ora project tomake�more functional�The lifein the parish, please contact usand togetherwe tryto�realizeyourExceptional Ideas.Indeed,

    we havea large group ofEngineers,Architects,Designers,�Skulptors,�Engravers,Marble Workers,Carpenters,Electricians,Plumbers andBuilders,with whom we makeeverything.Almost nothingisimpossible forus.

    Security System Payments Bankpass Web S.S.L.

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    The�Main Manager���

    Dr. Luigi Aiello

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